Lediant Launches New SMD downlight for Indoor Retail Spaces

Lediant Lighting, a major provider of LED lighting solutions, announces the release of the Nio power & beam angle adjustable LED downlight.

According to Lediant Lighting, the innovative Nio LED SMD Downlight Recessed Ceiling Light is an ideal indoor lighting solution as it can be used in shopping malls, shops, homes, showrooms as well as office spaces. The main parts of the light are made of thermoplastic and aluminum, which contributes to its light weight and efficient heat dissipation. Nio luminaires not only provide the brightest lighting, but are also very easy to install in any room. Nio recessed luminaires are available in 4W, 6W, voltage range AC220-240V, 50Hz, lumens 400lm, 450lm, 600lm and 680lm respectively.
Commenting on the launch of Nio Recessed downlight, “At Lediant, we believe there is always an opportunity to enrich our consumers’ lifestyles and we deliver on that promise by delivering technologically advanced products that meet our consumers’ needs for India. We are committed to creating a wide range of environmentally friendly and energy efficient lamps as needed to move towards lighting solutions that save energy and improve living standards. the latest technology with aesthetics and sustainability in mind.”

Post time: Feb-28-2023