Which is better in terms of electricity consumption: an old type tungsten filament bulb or an LED bulb?

In today’s energy shortage, power consumption has become an important consideration when people buy lamps and lanterns. In terms of power consumption, LED bulbs outperform older tungsten bulbs.
First, LED bulbs are more efficient than older tungsten bulbs. LED bulbs are more than 80% more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and 50% more energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs, according to the International Energy Agency. This means that LED bulbs use much less power than older tungsten bulbs at the same brightness, which could help people save money on energy and electricity bills.
Second, LED bulbs last longer. Older tungsten bulbs typically last only about 1,000 hours, while LED bulbs can last more than 20,000 hours. This means that people replace LED bulbs much less often than older tungsten filament bulbs, reducing the cost of buying and replacing bulbs.
Finally, LED bulbs have better environmental performance. While older tungsten bulbs use harmful substances such as mercury and lead, LED bulbs do not contain them, reducing environmental pollution.
To sum up, LED bulbs are better than older tungsten bulbs in terms of power consumption. They are more energy efficient, last longer and are more environmentally friendly. When choosing lamps and lanterns, it is recommended to choose LED bulbs to save energy and electricity costs, and at the same time to contribute to the environmental cause.

Post time: Apr-20-2023