Knowledge change destiny,Skills Change life

In recent years, with the development of knowledge economy and technological revolution, technical literacy and vocational skills have become the core competitiveness of the talent market. Faced with such a situation, Lediant Lighting has been committed to providing employees with good career development opportunities and training systems. To this end, we regularly hold skills tests to promote the skills of employees to achieve the grand goal of knowledge to change destiny and skills to change life.

Skills examination is an important way to assess the ability and level of professional skills of employees. Before the exam, we will organize training to train and guide employees on relevant knowledge and skills to help employees better master basic skills and work processes. During the training, employees can not only gain practical skills and knowledge, but also enhance communication and communication with colleagues and deepen their understanding of the company’s culture and values.

In the examination process, each employee will take the examination according to their own post requirements and according to the examination standards formulated by the company. Whether it is professional skills or operational practice, we will invite senior experts to invigorate the exam to ensure that the exam is fair, just and open. After the examination, we conduct statistics and analysis of the examination results in time, and evaluate, reward and punish the employees according to the scoring standards, so as to motivate the employees to further improve their skills and quality.

The significance of skills examination is not only to evaluate the level of employees’ vocational skills, but also to provide opportunities and platforms for employees’ career development. We are not only evaluating employees, but also providing a platform for employees to show themselves and give play to their strengths. Test scores are a sign of an employee’s career development and are a key factor for employees to present themselves and gain opportunities. I believe that the skills examination held by the company can not only stimulate the career enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the employees, but also provide a broader development space for the future career path of employees.

In the future development, our company will continue to adhere to the holding of skills examinations, provide employees with more career development opportunities and training platforms, help employees realize the dream of knowledge changing life, and promote the company to become a leader in the industry. Let’s work together with the mindset of learning and growth to strive for our common goals and create a better future together.


Post time: Nov-15-2023