Infrared sensing or radar sensing for LED downlight?

In recent years, under the influence of the Internet, the application of smart home has become more and more common, and the induction lamp is one of the best-selling single products. In the evening or the light is dark, and someone is active in the induction range of the case, when the human body leaves or stops the activity after delay, the whole process without manual switch, and at any time to turn off the light is more energy saving and environmental protection. Induction lights greatly free hands at the same time can save electricity, who can not love, but there are so many different induction types on the market, how to choose? Today, let’s talk about common body sensing and radar sensing.

The difference of induction principle

Based on the principle of Doppler effect, the radar sensor independently develops the transmitting and receiving circuit of the planar antenna, intelligently detects the surrounding electromagnetic environment, automatically adjusts the working state, triggers the work by moving objects, and lights up when the moving objects enter the sensing range; When the moving object leaves after a delay of 20 seconds, the light is off or the light is slightly lit, so as to achieve the effect of intelligent power saving. Human body sensor principle: human pyroelectric infrared, the human body has a constant body temperature, generally set at 32-38 degrees, so it will emit a specific wavelength of about 10um infrared, passive infrared probe is to detect the human body to emit infrared and work. Infrared rays are concentrated on the infrared sensor after being enhanced by the Fishel filter. The infrared sensor usually uses pyroelectric elements, which lose the charge balance when the temperature of the infrared radiation of the human body changes, release the charge outward, and the subsequent circuit can trigger the switch action after detection and processing.

 The difference of induction sensitivity

Radar sensing features: (1) very high sensitivity, long distance, wide Angle, no dead zone. It is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc., and the induction distance will not be shortened. (2) There is a certain penetration, but it is easy to be interfered by the wall, the response sensitivity is decreased, and it is easily triggered by the interference of moving bodies such as flying insects. Common in underground garages, stairways, supermarket corridors and other activity places, more convenient for daily use.

Human body sensing characteristics: (1) strong penetration, not easily isolated by obstacles, not affected by moving objects such as flying insects. (2) The pyroelectric infrared induction principle is used to trigger the sensor action by collecting infrared energy changes, and the induction distance and range are short, which is susceptible to changes in ambient temperature. Human infrared induction is not very suitable for use in parking lots due to its low response sensitivity, but is more suitable for aisle lighting, such as corridors, corridors, basements, warehouses, etc.

 The difference in appearance

Radar induction uses the power supply of induction and drive in one, easy to install, simple and beautiful appearance. The human body sensor must expose the human body sensor receiving head to collect the infrared energy changes of the environment. External infrared sensor will affect the look and feel, there will be dark shadows when lighting the lamp, and it is not convenient to install.

 Selection of lamps

Induction lamp is a new type of intelligent lighting product which can automatically control light source by induction module. Induction module is actually an automatic switch control circuit, there are many types, such as “voice control”, “trigger”, “induction”, “light control” and so on the lamp “not working”, “easy to break” and other problems, generally consider the complex original – induction module failure, but the current mainstream lighting manufacturers have the corresponding life test, will be in different environments failure simulation, Choosing a reliable brand is especially important. Lediant Lighting has been deeply engaged in the lighting industry for 17 years, and has been adhering to only do high-quality downlights, so that customers can rest assured and satisfied.

Post time: Nov-09-2023